The Final Station

Sitting on the station, with my eyes closed,
Far to the flashbacks, i slowly roam.
The colorful pictures, the bright morning Sun,
And all that i lost, all that i won
The beautiful faces, the cheerful smiles
The buzzing city, the peaceful wild
The childhood victories,
The teenage victories,
And the young blood.
The days gone by, they would never come back,
I realised as i saw the train, waiting on track.
Picking up memories, my only possesion i rushed,
Bidding farewell to the hearts i once touched.
I realised i can just take blessings not wealth,
To my final destiny, to the station called death..


Being a feminist…

A word which sounds so justified in idea but is despised in reality; feminism, maybe the most misconceptioned practice today. A feminist like me finds its disturbing to be judged and misinterpreted for my ideology. So here i am to get this clear.

Firstly, there’s nothing as a personal feud leading to the birth of a feminist. Being one dosen’t mean i hate all the boys out there, not at all. It simply means we demand for equal rights, opportunities and status for both the genders. Note, i said both the genders. Fair enough, isn’t it? We dont strive to bring men down, but uplift women to that point. That, may sound a compromise if women are substantially responsible for our life; not only giving is birth and making us capable of standing and even yelling at her or calling her inferior but also being there at every step; as a teacher, a friend, a companion, an inspiration. She has an equal role in making us who we are, if not more.

As a feminist, i don’t demand for women-centric movies, reservations for women, or messages and videos dedicated to women, but a world where there’s no need for all these pointless formalities. I want to live in a world where there’s no need of feminists like me.

So if you dont meet the mentioned criterias, stop calling yourself a feminist and disgracing this noble thought. I can be a feminist and still wear makeup, love accessories, have pink as my favourite color and be sweet; but being one i’d never discriminate or prejudice men. And for everyone ready to judge me on being a feminist, just take a look if you’re the one being hypocritical.