Being a feminist…

A word which sounds so justified in idea but is despised in reality; feminism, maybe the most misconceptioned practice today. A feminist like me finds its disturbing to be judged and misinterpreted for my ideology. So here i am to get this clear.

Firstly, there’s nothing as a personal feud leading to the birth of a feminist. Being one dosen’t mean i hate all the boys out there, not at all. It simply means we demand for equal rights, opportunities and status for both the genders. Note, i said both the genders. Fair enough, isn’t it? We dont strive to bring men down, but uplift women to that point. That, may sound a compromise if women are substantially responsible for our life; not only giving is birth and making us capable of standing and even yelling at her or calling her inferior but also being there at every step; as a teacher, a friend, a companion, an inspiration. She has an equal role in making us who we are, if not more.

As a feminist, i don’t demand for women-centric movies, reservations for women, or messages and videos dedicated to women, but a world where there’s no need for all these pointless formalities. I want to live in a world where there’s no need of feminists like me.

So if you dont meet the mentioned criterias, stop calling yourself a feminist and disgracing this noble thought. I can be a feminist and still wear makeup, love accessories, have pink as my favourite color and be sweet; but being one i’d never discriminate or prejudice men. And for everyone ready to judge me on being a feminist, just take a look if you’re the one being hypocritical.


19 thoughts on “Being a feminist…

  1. Well said. And men are stared at when they call themselves a feminist. Like, “Why you?!” The rampant misuse of the term by some women, on the other hand, makes me cringe. I wish for a world when the idea doesn’t require to be explicitly expressed but widely practised, becomes the norm.

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