Enough to be happy about!


Happiness is a beautiful emotion we all have felt at some point of time. But can we recall the last time we felt happy and satisfied?

In today’s world, everyone is busy in their lives working hard and living in the illusion that happiness is our destination. But we forget that real happiness lies in the little things. We wait to be happy, but what if hapliness is not the aim of our life but the journey itself?

Today, we all have put so many conditions for our happiness. Our happiness depends on our surrounding, on others; and all these conditions, instead of helping us what happiness is, give us disappointments. All we need to understand is happiness and satisfaction are our state of mind, not a stimuli to the environment. I believe happiness and satisfaction go hand in hand. We need to be satisfied first to gain true happiness, and for this we need to stop putting conditions and expecting.

I have often heard people ‘waiting’ for someone to bring happiness in their life, but why not be our own knights in shining armor? We shouldn’t let anyone dominate our emotions, not even hardships. As they say, problems are mandatory but sadness is a choice. Live free, be you, be happy; and when clouds of despair surround us, just learn to dance in the rain!


2 thoughts on “Enough to be happy about!

  1. Satisfaction and happiness truly goes hand in hand , But you said not to expect . How would we be satisfied if we do not expect 😉


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