Patience Keeper

Do you laugh, O Dear,
When we claim your love
And fight for the blessings,
From up above.
Is it amusing to see us,
Trying to prove ourselves superior,
Running behing mirages, being avaricious.
When we fear you instead of loving back,
Do you feel we’re being unjust?
Or how we never speak a word of gratitude,
And remember you only when the time gets rough.
Do you ever get the urge to slap us hard
Like mothers do, when her children fight;
Are you the one who kindles our hope,
When we dont seem to see the light.
Do you ever frown, when we dont appreciate your creation
And let our powers go to waste,
Do you cry, O Lord, when we shed blood,
And spread terror on your name..
Does it frustate you Almighty, when we keep committing the same mistakes;
I wonder how much patience you do keep,
Do you wonder too, to learn humanity,
How much time would we take…


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