Women Equality: Use or Misuse?

Do we even know what we’re fighting for?

“Girl power”, a cliché in the modern world. Just a rowdy behavior and you’ll be the next powerpuff girl. But are short dresses and late night parties really portraying equality?

Females around the world have been agitating for equal rights and status since centuries and maybe the struggle is still not over. There are women who are still paid less, not respected, not being given basic rights, not being able to voice their opinion and being stereotyped in every aspect. Fighting for them is our basic responsibility; but what about those women who are so baseless as to believe smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor is equality? I mean it’s okay if you want to smoke your lungs out (it’s your life, why would i care?), but for God’s sake stop believing it gives you equality and liberty! Similarly, women dont need to do everything a man does, for women were not made for doing everything a man can do, but for doing everything he cannot. And here I’m really not talking about gender division, but about traits identified with females such as tenderness, empathy and strong willpower. If we talk about bring treated equally, we first need to accept and embrace ourselves. If you dont respect yourself, who else will?
All I’ll say in the end is that we need to stop overusing ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’ and misinterpretating them, and understand what is really worth fighting for ’cause anyway it’s been high time that we’ve used our power of judgment; let’s give everyone an awakening call.


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