Bad Examples

Lost in the small irrelevant errands, which never seem to suffice;
She stood there doing the dishes, when her daughter’s tears caught her eyes. 

Rushed to her, wiped the tear which had just started to form, 

Holding her close, as if she’s her only reason, 

Mother asked her daughter what’s bothering her all along?

“It’s a wound” came a petty reply, “which just won’t stop to hurt” 

Looking closer, mother realized that it’s an old one.

“Why was it hidden all this time mother wants to know”

“With time I believed, this small wound would disappear and not hurt anymore.”

She looked at her with a sad smile, 

Reminiscing the lesson long learnt;

“That scars and wounds and bullet holes 

Are to be attended, not left to burn.”, 

“I’ll be proud of the lady you’ll become, but remember 

I’ve set a bad example I’m afraid;

Don’t learn to neglect yourself at any cost 

Promise me, you’ll be your own knight all the way. 

For more wounds will have to be healed and at times,

You’ll be trapped at places where devils dwell;

Then no one else would be coming to save you;

No one else, that is,but yourself.”


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