My muse, my masterpiece..

Sitting in a corner, all by yourself,

Looking up to the sky, where angels dwell.

In those dreamy eyes, I can see a world of its own

Away from everyone, far and lone.

You can play with your eyes, 

And let me reveal the stories of land so far; 

Or light up the darkness in my mind,

Shining brighter than the stars.

With a smile to which, everything comes to hold, 

Let me admire the grace

With which it calms my soul.

The voice which stands out of the chaos of the world, 

And enchants me, breaking the silence in my heart. 

The fables I had heard, you capture them all

And still be out of my reach, too divine for me to hold.

Not to touch, not to keep,

I’ll adore you from miles apart; 

For I fear you’ll lose your serenity if I come closer, 

And I’d never want to destroy an art.

So from a distance, like a beautiful dream, 

Let me admire you, my muse, my masterpiece..

Daily Prompt: Muse


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