Beauty, skin deep?

It was my little neighbor’s birthday. My irritating, painfully curious, brutally honest little brat had turned 7 year old.

After the party was over, she had called me to show her gifts. Amongst the pink dolls, pink frocks, and a hell lot of other pink stuff, I noticed something which felt a bit too out of place; a make up kit.

“What’s your 7 year old gonna do with a makeup kit anyway?” I asked her mom in utter annoyance.

“Arey, why are you overreacting? Girls have affinity for make up and stuff. And on a lighter note, this will get her practice for future!” She said and laughed it off.

It was horrifying to know how she-and most of the people- don’t see any problem in this idea of feeding little girls with the thought that they need make up to look beautiful, their beauty is dependent on it. What are we teaching our kids? To put layers of artificial beauty and ignore the genuine beauty they have?

Instead of teaching them to cover up their so called ‘flaws’ with layers of foundation, it would be wiser to help them accept their authentic self, with all those imperfections, teach them how to love every inch of their skin, and not falling prey to societal standards which are as deluded as the idea of ‘perfection’. My little neighbor, and all the little girls would grow into beautiful ladies, and all I wish it would be their choice-not their need- to use make up or abstain from it. In the end, all I’ll say is, we need to stop teaching girls to look perfect, and instead teach them to lead a perfectly happy life.


Let’s talk

Let’s talk about the things that 

Have your attention for a while now; 

For I’ve been noticing, you’re constantly fumbling, 

With the hem of your shirt. 

Let’s ponder upon the thoughts, that swallow the corners of your soul, 

And in the way, we may find, 

What I believe is your long-lost hope. 

You smile a lot, but your empty eyes narrate another tale;

We’ll find the glitter back, 

Let the light enter the cracks, 

And again try to set your dreams to sail. 

It’s a long journey, and we still have miles and miles to walk; 

You’ve been staring at the sky with seeking eyes, 

Let’s look at the stars together, let’s talk.