Tacit talks

You drink through the glasses 

Filled with regrets and sorrows;

Laugh it off, raise a toast, 

Shamelessly believing your smile hides it all; 

But my eyes know no bounds, 

They drown in your soul. 

Call it an unhealthy peculiarity, 

Your eyes can never decieve me; 

We may be strangers in words, 

But in silence,our conversations wander aimlessly. 

When tired of wearing masks, 

We befriend in misery; 

Our angels might not be aquaintances, 

But your demons find a home in me.


Mystery ❤

The way his carefree soul 

Couldn’t fly sometimes, 

For it felt heavy and empty at the same time; 

The way his eyes shined, 

But were hollow; 

How his lips curved into a 

Strained smile. 

Never could I understand

His tender gaze,

Or storms that rise in his placid seas; 

Maybe, it seems, 

As fascinating as they are, 

Certain things should be left 

As mysteries.