Can I ask you something? :)

People interest me. I look around in the sea of faces in hope to find someone who won’t creep out if I randomly blurt “Do you believe in destiny?” ; and well, I admit, it’s difficult to convince people I’m sane whenever I do that. And so, at the end, I compel myself to be satisfied with questions like “How is the weather?” and “where do you work?” 

I’ve been writing for sometime now on WordPress and certainly feel intrigued with so many unique and beautiful views about life my fellow bloggers hold. So I’ve decided, instead of creeping out random people on the streets, I’d like to ask you all a few questions. You obviously don’t need to answer all of them, maybe 5, 2, or even 1 which you found to be thought provoking. And even if you don’t want to type all of that, maybe just ponder upon them? You might get to know so much more about your own thoughts! 

So here are the questions! 

  • What is beauty to you?
  • How do you define love?
  • Do you believe in karma? Why?
  • According to you, what is the meaning of life? Is there any?
  • Do you believe in God? Why?
  • What is your philosophy of life?
  • List some of your favorite artworks. (Anything…movies, books, poetries, paintings, songs..)
  • If everyone in the world had same interests as you, how different would the world be?
  • What are the things you feel everyone should experience at least once in their life?
  • What gives you hope?
  • What does ‘home’ mean to you?
  • What matters to you? Why?
  • What is something you do different from everyone else?
  • What are the little things you stop to appreciate and enjoy?
  • Any life advice you’d like to share with me? 

I’m looking forward to all your answers in the comments! 


16 thoughts on “Can I ask you something? :)

  1. 1. Someone whose first instinct is to smile when they make eye contact
    2.I many be too immature to answer this
    3.Yes I do. There’s not other way I’m going to get the fruit of my deeds
    4.Too deep for me
    6.Again too deep
    7. I love watercolor paintings, but can’t choose one. Khaled Hosseini books are artworks in themselves. Also Rupi Kaur’s poetry.
    8. There would be more libraries and makeup would be more affordable lol
    9. Haven’t experienced enough of life to answer that
    10. The fact that there is a whole future ahead of me that I have no clue about
    11. Somewhere I like to be
    12. Everything. Or nothing. Depends
    13. The way I judge/feel about people? I can’t explain?
    14. Flowers, animals, buildings
    15. Be happy 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I loved your answer to the first question (simple and indegenous ❤)
      I’ll just go and check out Rupi Kaur’s poems (believe me I had been looking for poetries to read lately, so thanks!) and yes I’d like to share my favorite poetess with you, go and check out for Nikita Gill’s poems if you haven’t! I’m sure you’ll love them!
      Answer 8, well that would be perfect 😍
      All the love!

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      1. :))
        I love Nikita Gill’s universe themed poems ❤
        Also her quote "Some people will always taste like fire and leave the ones that love them tasting like ash"
        Love to you too! ❤

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  2. 1. Something which one has not experienced yet seems beautiful or people decide it by some presumptions that they have in their mind; but in reality, I think, nothing is beautiful or ugly; things are just the way there are.
    2. First of all, “Love” has always been misinterpreted and misunderstood, and interchangeably used with “attraction” and “attachment”. But for me love is something that liberates one in all aspects.
    3. Yes, I do. But let me make it clear what I actually mean when I say “Karma”. Karma is both action at one level and reaction at another level, like the seed and the tree, it is both; so yes every action that we do certainly has some ’cause’ and in response to which some ‘reaction’ will happen and that ‘reaction’ will be a cause for some other reaction, and this will go on. So, in this sense I do believe in Karma as the rule of working of this cosmos, that is, every event is interdependent.
    4. No, I think, there is no meaning of life as every meaning is nothing but a result of human mind which makes it artificial and fabricated; it’s just a bundle of belief systems that make people find their subjective meanings of life, but in reality, they are just “beliefs”.
    And if there is any “Real Meaning” of life, I cannot say about it because I’ve not experienced it yet.
    5. No, I’m absolutely certain about this that there is no such thing like “God”. How can be? It’s just simply not possible, certainly not in the sense of some kind of a superbeing who created humans and keeps eyes on them, on their actions, gives them punishment or rewards after death. It’s utterly a ridiculous idea created by human mind for the sake of its fear which is embedded in human in psychology.
    6. My philosophy of life is that there is no philosophy of life; there cannot be any. Life is a dynamic form of energy, ever-changing; every moment is new in its own existence, then how can there be any fixed guiding principle for it. It is always dynamic and with every moment there is a new “Philosophy “.
    7. My subjects and interests are literature and philosophy, so favorite artworks also include some literary matters:
    *Peotry & Philosophy*
    1. Jaun Elia’s Poetry
    2. Dr. Kumar Vishwas’ Poetry and Oratory Skills
    3. Art Cinema
    4. Old Hindi Songs
    5. Mythology
    6. Osho’s Philosophical Discourses
    7. Philosophical Books About Life, Meaning, Existence, Morality, etc.
    8. Then this world might not have been this much beautiful and colorful as it is right now, because then everyone would have been doing the same thing and this would have been really boring! So I’m glad that everyone is different, has their own uniqueness!
    9. I really don’t want anyone to experience anything from my perspective. Whatever life puts before them, they will experience it automatically, and that would be absolutely right for them.
    But on a lighter note, people should read good literature, they really need it to have a good language. 😉
    10. Nothing; because in its root, “Hope” is also an expectation and desire that something will happen according to me, in my favour, for my happiness, in future; which ultimately results in but grief and sorrow. In fact, in most of the instances, it only prolongs the torments of an individual. But man is such a creature who still “Hopes” and lives in future!
    11. Wherever I’m is a “Home” for me, simple! 🙂 There’s no permanent home, every little corner of this universe is my home, and so is yours, everyone else’s.
    12. To be “Nothing”, for obvious reason, because I’m “Nothing”.
    13. I don’t know other people do it or not but I do: To question, and have critical views and opinions about everything, even the most socially accepted “good” things.
    14. Good piece of poetry. If I find some good price of poetry, I just can’t resist myself to appreciate it from heart and read or listen to it again and again.
    15. No. I don’t give any advice to anyone; because by giving advice you somewhere take their responsibility of their actions which is neither beneficial for you nor the person who asked for the advice. At most, I only tell people, “I think, it is like this, and now it depends upon you how you deal with it”, and that’s the best advice that anyone can give, I think.
    This was indeed an interesting task to answer your questions! I really liked the questions which dealt with the very abstract and philosophical​ subjects like life, meaning, live, hope, etc.
    Thank You 🙂


  3. 1. That’s a unique thought!
    2. True! Where love is, there are no inhibitions, holding back, doubts
    3. Personally, I don’t believe in karma but the way you perceive it appeals to me. A great answer!
    4. Agree.
    5. Well yes, there’s no such superpower (at least what I feel) but I’m a bit inclined towards Pantheism.
    6. Hm.. pretty much convincing
    7. Kumar vishwas ❤ I’ll surely check out Jaun Elia, thanks!
    8. Not the answer I expected, but I interesting anyway! 😅
    9. Your answers are interesting! Again didn’t expect this 😂😂❤
    10. Okay, we’ll talk about this, I want to know more!
    11. That’s a great thought! And if you can make anyplace in this universe your home, I’m really impressed!
    12. Okay.. 😅
    13. Well we can do that together! I’d love to hear your thoughts on everything!
    14. Ahh me too 🙂
    15. Well okay!
    And thank you so much for your time! All the love!


  4. Reblogged this on Opinionated Wanderers and commented:
    Nice to find the interrogative nature in young guns rather nature that supports healthy discourse and encourages development of thoughts and even at times tolerance of mismatching ideas. My short answers are here :
    1- Beauty is nothing but serendipity at its best . It may be of any colour or shape but it must be worthy of getting discovered . Beauty is life and life is beautiful. Beauty is seeing a cactus or an oasis in the desert or even Pamela Anderson posing in Cannes . Only the viewpoint matters .
    2- The thing you really love , you may never get . So love can either be attained or it may treat you like a vagabond waiting for attempts and obnoxious futile trials.
    3- Indeed . Karma hits and is like the honest banker that never fails to get back its money with interest. So if you are trying to escape it , You will be nabbed just like AMERICAN NAVY SEALS nabbed OSAMA and delivered him his requisite fate.
    4-Life is meaningless if you do not know something called “charity” and “HUMAN NATURE” that makes one worthy being called a human .
    Ultimately you will have to leave this world so do not waste time in thinking what others think of you, try out your own techniques and at times “NARCISSISM” defines life . I am myself a NARCISSIST .
    5- Do you believe in your mom and dad ? Do you believe that you are a super being who is the ultimate MAIBAAP of this universe and who can regulate anything in his or her own life by his/her action ? Did you ever saw something strange and eerie and ever uttered “OH GOD”. Ever heard of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna ji ? Ever heard of Goddess Kali and attempts by Mughals and MUSLIM PLUNDERERS in desecrating our idols and temples ans still the temple of JWALADEVI stands tall in HIMACHAL PRADESH despite frequent attempts by FEROZE SHAH TUGHLAQ? Do you think you are the master of your own destiny and everything will be as per your needs and desires without any spiritual control ? In short, GOD IS EVERYTHING – OMNIPRESENT AND OMNISCIENT. I simply pity on Atheists ! May they get some sense that they have dumped in their derrieres.
    6- LIVE AND LET LIVE. You cannot control you life. Do your deeds and ask for Almighty’s blessings . Let bliss fall. MAHADEV 🙂
    7- I am not an art connoisseur but to name a few : MONA LISA, STUDIES from an Eastern Home, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, GHAZINI, DELHI- A NOVEL, THE AGE OF KALI, KOHINOOR, THE LAST MUGHALS.
    8-Peaceful for some and anarchic for others
    9- Dhokha , sabotage of trust and incarceration of ideas. It gives healthy development . For lovers , heartbreak is a must .lol (glad that I never had a girlfriend)
    10- Ah , believe in God and my devotion to Lord Shiva !
    11- The same what mother’s womb means to you and everyone else
    12- My time matters to me above all as it will never come back.
    13-Haha , I think you know me , no need to elaborate ! You know where I am hinting at. That was just a small trailer. My life brings a legacy of such things . Fight against the lethargic and corrupt system and fight against injustice will be on forever.
    14- Seeing someone paying obeisance to their GURUS, Devotees and people especially poor chaps working and living with smiles and endless hopes but having self respect above all.
    15- No advices friend. “BAS INSAAN KAHLAANE LAYAK BAN JAANA “- I leave this advice to one and all . GOOD LUCK. Even if you are an atheist (just guessing) iI will say : MAY GOD BLESS .

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    1. 1. Convincing!
      3. Personally I don’t believe in karma b/c I’ve never experienced it 😅 I think it’s something humans came up with
      4. It’s about where you find meaning, in narcissism, materialism, or altruism. Well I’d like to know more about your thoughts on this!
      5. We can talk about this too 😂 not that I don’t agree with you, but I don’t have any firm belief when it comes to God. Neither theist nor atheist.
      6. Same! 🙂
      7. Shashank Redemption is truly amazing ❤ I’ll check out the others!
      11. Beautiful answer 🙂
      13. Sure! I hope you keep on doing that, we need more people like you who have the courage to make their voice heard!
      15. Thank you!

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      1. AH Thanks, well i just gave u my views and in no way dictating them at you.
        good luck and have fun !
        You will experience it sooner or later yourself at some point of time in life.
        And you have to choose one : Atheist or theist … there is no mid way thing here unlike the genders ! hahahaaha

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      2. Right 😅
        Pantheism appeals to me (kan kan me bhagwan) and maybe understanding God is beyond human capabilities (agnostic)
        But yes, there are things which are beyond the capability of humans to understand and science to reason

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      3. That is what GOD is and the very same reason why atheists get wrecked badly when questioned Om certain aspects …
        Science fails at many aspects .
        Better to respect forces else wait for tsunamis wrecking lives !

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  5. 1. The understanding that beauty is subjective. We may all have different views and opinions, but everyone can find beauty in something, and that, in itself, is what I find is beautiful.
    2. To me, there are different kinds of love, but in general, love is just an emotion we all have that we cannot truly explain that result from complex physiological reactions.
    3. I do believe in karma because it’s a sense of balance. You get what you give, but you can’t expect it, and it isn’t an instant gratification.
    4. You live only to understand you will die. You live to survive for as long as you can only to know your whole life that death is inevitable. You just torture yourself and indulge in the pleasantries you find around you as a means of distraction.
    5. No, I’m Buddhist. To each their own.
    6. Time is relative, change comes with the generation.
    7. I like my friend’s artworks, Van Gogh; poets Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost; pianists Yiruma, Brian Crain, Beethoven, and Chopin; and the story A Dog of Flanders to name a few.
    8. I wouldn’t want it to exist. Haha…I like the differences we have as individuals.
    9. Sincerity.
    10. Something good can happen.
    11. A place I feel where I belong and can return to.
    12. The things in my life that stayed to build up any form of significance: friends, family, etc. With time, things just start building meaning and become important when there are mainly positive memories associated with them.
    13. Definitely not from everyone else, but from my family, I’m left-handed. Everyone in my family is right-handed, so it’s awkward when we eat together using chopsticks, and I’m in the middle. I prefer to sit near the edge of the group.
    14. I like to appreciate I’m alive to appreciate things. Mainly, I like looking at flowers, birds, or sky gazing.
    15. I can’t tell you how to live; you’re in control of your own life.
    (: ( ^ – ^ )/”

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    1. 1. Wow ❤ I find your thought beautiful!
      4. That’s…. interesting! I’m impressed with your realistic approach.
      7. I’ll definitely check them out! Thanks!
      13. Thanks for sharing that!
      Thank you so much! All the love!

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  6. If everyone had same interests, how would my own interests grow? Thoughts go to my adoration of nature and nurturing Our Mother. Yet, my thumb only recently donned hue of green. I would not be where I now am, with my evolving views, if not for variety of people.

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