“Why don’t you tell your story?”

I don’t think poetry is really for me

as I struggle between

short Instagram pieces

to heart wrenching spoken word poetry.

I don’t find myself playing carefully

with metaphors, paradoxes, similes

the world might have a lot to offer for people ‘like me’

but I don’t have it in the category

of poets with #hashtags and black Kohl eyes

And a soft voice

Which drops low at the exact time

with hands dancing on the rhythm

and perfect pauses

and sighs

that made people skip a beat.

Me? I am a bit to ordinary

will you really want to hear me?

sluttering my way through

heartbreaks,loves, misery

stumbling upon stories deep in my heart

looking away, mumbling

with heartbeat louder than my words

like a beating drums

are my stories worthy of the world?

Maybe I’ll be the only one ever

sighing softly as I read my words

and feel the magic

maybe that is enough for me.


2 thoughts on ““Why don’t you tell your story?”

  1. i feel every writer goes through this sense of deprecation… that our stories aren’t good enough to be told and that it doesn’t matter enough. but our pens always get the better of us and we end up pouring it all out. 🙂 and that is what beauty is. nice piece!

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