An Open Letter To Women

Dear women,

I admire each one of you.

All the mothers, sisters, friends around me,

For your strength, patience, compassion.

Yet, I’m afraid to make any of you my role models.

I’m afraid to have unattended

Marks, bruises, burns, adorning my body;

Or silently weeping with pain despite which I’ll toil endlessly

Damaging myself, bit by bit.

I’m afraid to let my children have

All of the pastry I had been craving to eat for weeks, and had finally bought with utter excitement.

I’m afraid to believe that

Neglecting my happiness for others

Is not a big deal; moreover it’s my duty, fate, and worst of all,

something to be proud of, a mark of superiority.

You see, women,

Your strength is extraordinary.

But don’t mistake your unattended injuries as trophies.

Stop believing you’re better

Just because you were never given the choice, between good and bad.

Not having claws

Doesn’t mean you’re on the side of the angels;

It just means you never had the power

To choose your side.

In your responsibilities

As a mother, sister, woman

You’ve been somewhere neglecting your foremost responsibility

The one to yourself.

So dear women,

This women’s day

Before asking the society for

Equal treatment, rights, care, compassion,


Treat yourself with all that your gender has been demanding for centuries,

This women’s day, start with yourself.


Can I ask you something? :)

People interest me. I look around in the sea of faces in hope to find someone who won’t creep out if I randomly blurt “Do you believe in destiny?” ; and well, I admit, it’s difficult to convince people I’m sane whenever I do that. And so, at the end, I compel myself to be satisfied with questions like “How is the weather?” and “where do you work?” 

I’ve been writing for sometime now on WordPress and certainly feel intrigued with so many unique and beautiful views about life my fellow bloggers hold. So I’ve decided, instead of creeping out random people on the streets, I’d like to ask you all a few questions. You obviously don’t need to answer all of them, maybe 5, 2, or even 1 which you found to be thought provoking. And even if you don’t want to type all of that, maybe just ponder upon them? You might get to know so much more about your own thoughts! 

So here are the questions! 

  • What is beauty to you?
  • How do you define love?
  • Do you believe in karma? Why?
  • According to you, what is the meaning of life? Is there any?
  • Do you believe in God? Why?
  • What is your philosophy of life?
  • List some of your favorite artworks. (Anything…movies, books, poetries, paintings, songs..)
  • If everyone in the world had same interests as you, how different would the world be?
  • What are the things you feel everyone should experience at least once in their life?
  • What gives you hope?
  • What does ‘home’ mean to you?
  • What matters to you? Why?
  • What is something you do different from everyone else?
  • What are the little things you stop to appreciate and enjoy?
  • Any life advice you’d like to share with me? 

I’m looking forward to all your answers in the comments! 

Beauty, skin deep?

It was my little neighbor’s birthday. My irritating, painfully curious, brutally honest little brat had turned 7 year old.

After the party was over, she had called me to show her gifts. Amongst the pink dolls, pink frocks, and a hell lot of other pink stuff, I noticed something which felt a bit too out of place; a make up kit.

“What’s your 7 year old gonna do with a makeup kit anyway?” I asked her mom in utter annoyance.

“Arey, why are you overreacting? Girls have affinity for make up and stuff. And on a lighter note, this will get her practice for future!” She said and laughed it off.

It was horrifying to know how she-and most of the people- don’t see any problem in this idea of feeding little girls with the thought that they need make up to look beautiful, their beauty is dependent on it. What are we teaching our kids? To put layers of artificial beauty and ignore the genuine beauty they have?

Instead of teaching them to cover up their so called ‘flaws’ with layers of foundation, it would be wiser to help them accept their authentic self, with all those imperfections, teach them how to love every inch of their skin, and not falling prey to societal standards which are as deluded as the idea of ‘perfection’. My little neighbor, and all the little girls would grow into beautiful ladies, and all I wish it would be their choice-not their need- to use make up or abstain from it. In the end, all I’ll say is, we need to stop teaching girls to look perfect, and instead teach them to lead a perfectly happy life.

Women Equality: Use or Misuse?

Do we even know what we’re fighting for?

“Girl power”, a cliché in the modern world. Just a rowdy behavior and you’ll be the next powerpuff girl. But are short dresses and late night parties really portraying equality?

Females around the world have been agitating for equal rights and status since centuries and maybe the struggle is still not over. There are women who are still paid less, not respected, not being given basic rights, not being able to voice their opinion and being stereotyped in every aspect. Fighting for them is our basic responsibility; but what about those women who are so baseless as to believe smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor is equality? I mean it’s okay if you want to smoke your lungs out (it’s your life, why would i care?), but for God’s sake stop believing it gives you equality and liberty! Similarly, women dont need to do everything a man does, for women were not made for doing everything a man can do, but for doing everything he cannot. And here I’m really not talking about gender division, but about traits identified with females such as tenderness, empathy and strong willpower. If we talk about bring treated equally, we first need to accept and embrace ourselves. If you dont respect yourself, who else will?
All I’ll say in the end is that we need to stop overusing ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’ and misinterpretating them, and understand what is really worth fighting for ’cause anyway it’s been high time that we’ve used our power of judgment; let’s give everyone an awakening call.

Enough to be happy about!


Happiness is a beautiful emotion we all have felt at some point of time. But can we recall the last time we felt happy and satisfied?

In today’s world, everyone is busy in their lives working hard and living in the illusion that happiness is our destination. But we forget that real happiness lies in the little things. We wait to be happy, but what if hapliness is not the aim of our life but the journey itself?

Today, we all have put so many conditions for our happiness. Our happiness depends on our surrounding, on others; and all these conditions, instead of helping us what happiness is, give us disappointments. All we need to understand is happiness and satisfaction are our state of mind, not a stimuli to the environment. I believe happiness and satisfaction go hand in hand. We need to be satisfied first to gain true happiness, and for this we need to stop putting conditions and expecting.

I have often heard people ‘waiting’ for someone to bring happiness in their life, but why not be our own knights in shining armor? We shouldn’t let anyone dominate our emotions, not even hardships. As they say, problems are mandatory but sadness is a choice. Live free, be you, be happy; and when clouds of despair surround us, just learn to dance in the rain!

Being a feminist…

A word which sounds so justified in idea but is despised in reality; feminism, maybe the most misconceptioned practice today. A feminist like me finds its disturbing to be judged and misinterpreted for my ideology. So here i am to get this clear.

Firstly, there’s nothing as a personal feud leading to the birth of a feminist. Being one dosen’t mean i hate all the boys out there, not at all. It simply means we demand for equal rights, opportunities and status for both the genders. Note, i said both the genders. Fair enough, isn’t it? We dont strive to bring men down, but uplift women to that point. That, may sound a compromise if women are substantially responsible for our life; not only giving is birth and making us capable of standing and even yelling at her or calling her inferior but also being there at every step; as a teacher, a friend, a companion, an inspiration. She has an equal role in making us who we are, if not more.

As a feminist, i don’t demand for women-centric movies, reservations for women, or messages and videos dedicated to women, but a world where there’s no need for all these pointless formalities. I want to live in a world where there’s no need of feminists like me.

So if you dont meet the mentioned criterias, stop calling yourself a feminist and disgracing this noble thought. I can be a feminist and still wear makeup, love accessories, have pink as my favourite color and be sweet; but being one i’d never discriminate or prejudice men. And for everyone ready to judge me on being a feminist, just take a look if you’re the one being hypocritical.