You look like a dream to me.

So fragile, I fear you’ll

Spill like a hundred pearls

If I hold you too close

you look like a dream to me.

you look like my childhood

lost amidst the chaos until I found you
and found it again

you feel like all my beautiful childhood memories.

You look like happiness

laughing, throwing your head back, so carefree

smiling, crinkling your nose;

and even crying,

your head on my chest

letting go of all the things,

you look like happiness to me.

You feel like home

I run back to, every time

a place where I feel safe and loved and free.

You are not all the things that I had ever wanted

but all the beautiful things

I had lost

coming back to me.



I set up a table

to have a discussion

And invited everyone

Beggars, vagabonds, billionaires

Anyone who could answer my questions

I wanted to know what happiness was.

I looked up in every dictionary

every poem, song, picture

empty words filled my head

my heart filled with none

I looked around tired and empty

I looked around hollow eyes and fake Smiles

Surrounded me.

Just then, a little girl

came up to me

I asked her the same question

In her innocence she couldn’t understand

why would someone ask what is happiness?

she laughed at me innocently

And in her smile, in her laughter, I found all my answers.

Bad habits

You hurt me


and everytime

I let you in

and everytime

I let you touch

my bare skin

wounded flesh

and regret it


You laugh at me

and your smile

oh! Your smile

it heals me.

I take your indifference

and smile that follows

as my duty, to preserve it

You know me

too well;

so well

you know I have a

bad habit

of never giving up on you.


I’m trying to mend our broken strings

By all the crumbled memories

We left far behind,

Of the times,

When you were right next to me.

All our secrets, adventures, tears

Are safely tucked, still between us

For in your smile, I still find the warmth

We still let our silence speak all our words.

I know I’ve never told you,

What you’ve been to me, all this time

Now as I see you fading,

I’m here helplessly waiting,

Trying to hold on to your light.

Yet you feel so distant,

I’ve put down all my walls for you;

Come back sunshine, it feels dark and scary;

I miss home, don’t you too?


You come to me

With words of affection

With a heart, that you say

Beats only for me.

You come to me, with the intention
To love.

But darling, don’t you see,

You never go close to the waves

You were made to admire deep waters from a distance;

And my love is an ocean

Which desires surrender.


​I am a wanderer

Seeking answers

Finding reality 

Where everything seems to be 

An illusion

I am a wanderer. 

Bear with me

My questioning eyes

The way I’m never satisfied 

I’m seeking for more 

More than the universe places before me.

I am a wanderer

Don’t get tired

Of me 

Don’t complain

When I tell you 

All this will never be 

Enough to quench my thirst

Of finding the truth.

For I’m a wanderer

And you are where I’ll come back after every discovery; 

You’re my pilgrimage, where I’ll come looking for peace 

After every journey.


I’m sitting here

With coffee

In my favorite cup,

With all the books

That have ever touched

My​ soul, 

With songs

That play in my mind 

Over and over; 

With everything I’d ever want.

And yet, 

This emptiness

Is all I get to embrace, to hold.

Now I feel 

When you had in your remorse told me

That you wanted to return my favours, 

I should’ve simply told you, instead 

To give me back, myself.