​​You come to me

With words of affection

With a heart, that you say

Beats only for me.

You come to me, with the intention
To love. 

But darling, don’t you see, 

You never go close to the waves

You were made to admire deep waters from a distance; 

And my love is an ocean

Which desires surrender.


​I am a wanderer

Seeking answers

Finding reality 

Where everything seems to be 

An illusion

I am a wanderer. 

Bear with me

My questioning eyes

The way I’m never satisfied 

I’m seeking for more 

More than the universe places before me.

I am a wanderer

Don’t get tired

Of me 

Don’t complain

When I tell you 

All this will never be 

Enough to quench my thirst

Of finding the truth.

For I’m a wanderer

And you are where I’ll come back after every discovery; 

You’re my pilgrimage, where I’ll come looking for peace 

After every journey.


I’m sitting here

With coffee

In my favorite cup,

With all the books

That have ever touched

My​ soul, 

With songs

That play in my mind 

Over and over; 

With everything I’d ever want.

And yet, 

This emptiness

Is all I get to embrace, to hold.

Now I feel 

When you had in your remorse told me

That you wanted to return my favours, 

I should’ve simply told you, instead 

To give me back, myself.


As we grow old

And the secrets we hold

Will die with passing time; 

But your​hand in mine 

And the story so divine, 

Will live on forever. 

As the colors fade, 

And the butterflies shades 

Lose their serenity; 

But like the skies beyond, 

Our love will go on

Will never lose it’s beauty.

When the wrinkles on my cheeks 

Will describe an age so wise, 

You’ll never fade away, 

Forever be in lover’s eyes. 

This love is no less than heaven

And beautiful as ever; 

It’s never long enough, 

But no less than forever. 

Tiny tales

As you untangled my locks, 

My secrets spilled off;

While we lay there entwined, 

Your thoughts blending into mine. 

And when you looked at me, lovingly

Everything else faded; 

The same way how sun rays, 

Dancing through my hair, unbraided

Made the dark feel loved, look beautiful. 

Midnight thoughts..

​I sit here, spellbound

By the moon, her charm

Darkness that veils everything, 

Takes me lovingly in her arms. 

I sit here, reminiscing

My past glories, without judgement

Sans noise, just me and my thoughts

My poetries, my madness.

Night envelopes my fears

In her stillness, with her tricks 

I’ll never be a morning person, for the night is my kingdom 

And I, a slave her to her beauty, prisoner to her magic.

Tacit talks

You drink through the glasses 

Filled with regrets and sorrows;

Laugh it off, raise a toast, 

Shamelessly believing your smile hides it all; 

But my eyes know no bounds, 

They drown in your soul. 

Call it an unhealthy peculiarity, 

Your eyes can never decieve me; 

We may be strangers in words, 

But in silence,our conversations wander aimlessly. 

When tired of wearing masks, 

We befriend in misery; 

Our angels might not be aquaintances, 

But your demons find a home in me.