Midnight thoughts..

​I sit here, spellbound

By the moon, her charm

Darkness that veils everything, 

Takes me lovingly in her arms. 

I sit here, reminiscing

My past glories, without judgement

Sans noise, just me and my thoughts

My poetries, my madness.

Night envelopes my fears

In her stillness, with her tricks 

I’ll never be a morning person, for the night is my kingdom 

And I, a slave her to her beauty, prisoner to her magic.

Tacit talks

You drink through the glasses 

Filled with regrets and sorrows;

Laugh it off, raise a toast, 

Shamelessly believing your smile hides it all; 

But my eyes know no bounds, 

They drown in your soul. 

Call it an unhealthy peculiarity, 

Your eyes can never decieve me; 

We may be strangers in words, 

But in silence,our conversations wander aimlessly. 

When tired of wearing masks, 

We befriend in misery; 

Our angels might not be aquaintances, 

But your demons find a home in me.

Mystery ❤

The way his carefree soul 

Couldn’t fly sometimes, 

For it felt heavy and empty at the same time; 

The way his eyes shined, 

But were hollow; 

How his lips curved into a 

Strained smile. 

Never could I understand

His tender gaze,

Or storms that rise in his placid seas; 

Maybe, it seems, 

As fascinating as they are, 

Certain things should be left 

As mysteries. 


​Like a child

Bewildered and curious

I’m learning to love you. 

Too spellbound to be cautious, 

Silently entering your magical world

Admiring my every step, every word, 

Unlearning everything I’ve learnt. 

Trying to feel your every shade, every hue, 

I’m still learning to love you.

Im learning to feel your thoughts with care, 

Yet drowning in those captivating eyes; 

Tracing my finger through your skin, 

My uncrafted emotions are ready to pay their price. 

With words hung loose on my tongue, 

I’m living poetries old and new; 

My fragility, insecurities,light and dark, 

Everything in me, is learning to love you.

I fall in love…

I fall in love, just a little bit

With people

Who show me a part of their soul;

However small.

Who let me peek 

Inside those massive walls; 

Just a peek, 

That’s all.

I fall a little, just a little,

For sparkle in their eyes; 

Who let me take a look, 

At all the dreams they tend to hide.

Who don’t feel the need

While I’m around, 

To cover up their scars, 

And put on their best fake smiles.

I fall in love, 

Maybe just a bit, 

With those who let me look

Beyond their lives;

In their soul

Their hearts

Their twisted minds.


Don’t you find it rediculously funny, 

How we seem to keep up 

With each other’s check in’s and check out’s 

How we like all the fake-smile selfies 

But never even bother to ask, 

The reason behind those eyes seeming empty.

We know what’s up, 

But not what is deep down; 

Don’t you cringe, 

At how formal we now sound?

Just text messages, 

We seem to forget the uniqueness of each voice

Everyone’s reminded of birthdays and anniversaries, 

But to make conversations, who’s got the time?

With all the contacts on our fingertips, 

And all the news on our timeline; 

We might be effectively updated, 

But never really connected. 

Dear kind heart, 

Oh my fountain of serenity, 

With all the world’s love and empathy; 

Don’t you ever get tired, 

Of giving love to every heart 

you meet?

You look so calm and placid, 

Though I sense a hurricane under your skin; 

Where do you bring all the stardust from, 

To leave it on every door you’ve been? 

Don’t you ever, amidst your endeavours, 

Run out of love for yourself, and feel empty?