An Open Letter To Women

Dear women,

I admire each one of you.

All the mothers, sisters, friends around me,

For your strength, patience, compassion.

Yet, I’m afraid to make any of you my role models.

I’m afraid to have unattended

Marks, bruises, burns, adorning my body;

Or silently weeping with pain despite which I’ll toil endlessly

Damaging myself, bit by bit.

I’m afraid to let my children have

All of the pastry I had been craving to eat for weeks, and had finally bought with utter excitement.

I’m afraid to believe that

Neglecting my happiness for others

Is not a big deal; moreover it’s my duty, fate, and worst of all,

something to be proud of, a mark of superiority.

You see, women,

Your strength is extraordinary.

But don’t mistake your unattended injuries as trophies.

Stop believing you’re better

Just because you were never given the choice, between good and bad.

Not having claws

Doesn’t mean you’re on the side of the angels;

It just means you never had the power

To choose your side.

In your responsibilities

As a mother, sister, woman

You’ve been somewhere neglecting your foremost responsibility

The one to yourself.

So dear women,

This women’s day

Before asking the society for

Equal treatment, rights, care, compassion,


Treat yourself with all that your gender has been demanding for centuries,

This women’s day, start with yourself.


“Why don’t you tell your story?”

I don’t think poetry is really for me

as I struggle between

short Instagram pieces

to heart wrenching spoken word poetry.

I don’t find myself playing carefully

with metaphors, paradoxes, similes

the world might have a lot to offer for people ‘like me’

but I don’t have it in the category

of poets with #hashtags and black Kohl eyes

And a soft voice

Which drops low at the exact time

with hands dancing on the rhythm

and perfect pauses

and sighs

that made people skip a beat.

Me? I am a bit to ordinary

will you really want to hear me?

sluttering my way through

heartbreaks,loves, misery

stumbling upon stories deep in my heart

looking away, mumbling

with heartbeat louder than my words

like a beating drums

are my stories worthy of the world?

Maybe I’ll be the only one ever

sighing softly as I read my words

and feel the magic

maybe that is enough for me.

Our love.

Our love.

We are a tragedy
A timeless piece of sad song
A soulful creation,
Of a broken heart.
We are wanderers
With our love, a burned up bridge
A sinking ship
Faded colors of a butterfly
We are a child’s diminishing faith
Shattering dream
Birds with wings tied,
Longing to fly.
Maybe if there’s anything in this world
As beautiful as our love,
Darling, it is our destruction.

Crazy dreams

Crazy dreams

You are the dream
I want to wake up to, every morning
Enveloped in your presence
As the day breaks through our window.
Darling, you are the one
Who holds my fragility
And I feel so safe, surrendered
Falling for you.
You are the sunlight through the curtains
Surrounding me in the divine glow
You are the night breeze, kissing me cold
The warmth of my blanket, putting me to sleep
The stillness in my heart
Never letting me sleep
The stillness in my heart
Diving deep
To places I never knew.
You are the song of my best mistakes
I would never want to undo
The ones that’ll help me stay alive
The ones that would kill me
If they wish to.
You are everything I ever wanted
Everything that’s mine
Everything I long for, every single night.

To the child inside me

You drive me crazy. 

my head runs out of control

you set it free. 

You know no mercy.

You’re so scared , and small 

Yet you stand tall

And crumble down, into a handful

Of sadness.

I laugh at your innocence, 

Cry at your ignorance

You fill my head with theories. 

Empty words, in my ears, 

Going on and on

Fake promises

When will you understand? 

You’re just a silly liar 

Just a little child

Trying to make sense, out of everything

There’s nothing wrong with you, honey 

You’re just lost. 

And I’ll find you

And love you, 

I promise. 

An ode to the one.

When you finally leave
Just tell me
And I promise, that I won’t cry.
And I promise I won’t ask you to stay for a while.
Ill wash my old bed sheets
so that they don’t smell like you anymore.
I will clean my door of your footsteps,
‎ my lips of your taste;
‎I will throw away your clothes
‎your letters
‎and make room, open my curtains
‎for the world outside.
And I’ll do everything I can to forget you.

But when someday,
my morning coffee
‎reminds me of your eyes;
‎someday when I take my medicines on time,
‎remembering your scoldings.
When someday the innocence of a child
or the Waves of an Ocean
‎thunders, or soft breeze, or the wild
‎remind me of you
‎one day when I realize
‎in my habits, I have yours too
‎my words sound like you
‎and after you I never really felt at home anywhere
‎maybe, just maybe
‎Ill long for you
‎Ill cry.